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Menominee Tribe

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The Menominee Tribe is primarily associated with the state of Wisconsin[1].

Ancestral homeland: near Lake Michigan, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Tribal Headquarters

Menominee Tribe
P.O. Box 910
Keshena, WI 54135-0910
Phone: 1.715.799.5100
Fax: 1.715.799.3373


Brief Timeline

1634: Jean Nicolet, French made contact with the Menominee

1775: Some fought against the American in the Revolutionary War

1812: War of 1812, Some fought against the Americans

1854: Gave up lands except for a reservation on Wolf River in north-central Wisconsin

1954 -1973: Federal status Terminated

1961: Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin was terminated, Tribal membership 3,270 Tribal land (Acres) 233,881

1972: Menominee Restoration Act restored tribe

Additional References to the History of the Tribe

Frederick Webb Hodge, in his Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico, gave a more complete history of the Menominee tribe, with estimations of the population of the tribe at various time periods.

Skye, Ferjal Deer. A Short Narrative History of the Menominee Indians of Wisconsin. FHL 970.3 M527sf also digital see Family History Library Catalog

Ourada, Patricia K. The Menominee Indians: a History. FHL book 970.3 M527o


Michigan Superintendency, Wisconsin Superintendency , and Northern Superintendency


Menominee Reservation - Wisconsin


The majority of records of individuals were those created by the agencies. Some records may be available to tribal members through the tribal headquarters.They were (and are) the local office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and were charged with maintaining records of the activities of those under their responsibility. Among these records are:

Agency Records

Annuity Records

1849 Annuity roll, mixed Menominee Indians of Wisconsin FHL book 970.3 M527c also on film: 928522 item 5

Payment of annuities to the Menominee Tribe, 1872 Green Bay Agency FHL Film 1036963 Item 3

Correspondence and Census

Tribe Agency Location of Original records

Pre-1880 Correspondence

M234 RG 75 Rolls 962

Roll Number




Post-1885 Census

M595 RG 75 Rolls 693

Roll Number




Menominee Green Bay and Keshena, 1865-1959 Chicago Rolls 325-36 - Rolls 172-74, 200-09 FHL Films: 576861-576863, and FHL Film: 576889-898
Menominee Menominee Agency, 1865-1959 Chicago - - - -

Final Roll

Final roll of Menominee Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin FHL Film 1036963 item 2


1849 List of mixed Blood of the Menominee Nation: Green Bay Advocate. FHL book 970.3 M527b

1905 Census The Menominee Tribe of Indians at Green Bay Agency 31 Jun 1905. Census taken by the Indian Agent Shepard H. Freeman.

1910, 1900 Index to Federal Census; Native American records; Menominee Reservation and Stockbridge Reservation. FHL films 1991641 item 2 , 1991642 and 1991816.

1915-1933 Census for Menominee Indians at the Keshena Indian Agency FHL films 576890-576898


Winnebago War (1827):

  • Wisconsin soldiers who served in the Winnebago War (Wisconsin Historical Society) - Transcription of Wisconsin Muster Rolls from the Winnebago War. Lists Prairie du Chien and Green Bay militia units along with Menominee, Stockbridge and Oneida that served.

Black Hawk War (1832):

  • Wisconsin soldiers who served in the Black Hawk War (Wisconsin Historical Society) - Transcription of Wisconsin Muster Rolls from the Black Hawk War. Lists soldiers in the 18 companies of "Iowa" militia, plus the Menominee and Pottawatomie warriors and one militia company raised at Green Bay.


  • Menominee Nation News


  • 1817 March 30, at St. Louis, with the Chippewa
  • 1825 August 19, at Prairie du Chien, with the Sioux, Etc.,
  • 1827 August 11, at Butte des Morts
  • 1831 February 8, at Washington
  • 1831 February 17, at Washington
  • 1832 October 27,
  • 1836 September 3, at Cedar Point
  • 1848 October 18, at Lake Powawhaykonnay
  • 1854 May 12, at Falls of Wolf River
  • 1856 February 11, at Keshena

Vital Records

  • Keshena Agency, M595, Births and Deaths 1924-1932, FHL : 576894

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  1. Indian Entities Recognized and Eligible To Receive Services From the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs, Federal Register, Vol. 67, No. 134, 12 July 2002 Available online