Montgomeryshire Nonconformist Records

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WalesGotoarrow.pngPowysGotoarrow.pngMontgomeryshire Nonconformist Records

Many of the county's nonconformist chapel registers are available:

  • in an archive or library
  • Published as a booklet or microfiche
  • On-line as transcriptions of the original registers on the IGI. (However, many of the birth and christening records on the IGI have had patronymic surnames incorrectly applied by the transcriber).
  • On-line as part of a pay to use website

Montgomeryshire Nonconformist Chapels is a spreadsheet listing a combination of details related to chapels in Montgomeryshire. It can be updated at any time if new information is discovered. This also provides the ability for many people to add or share information that may not be common knowledge especially for researchers outside Wales.The spreadsheet format allows for the list to be filtered or sorted so that all records for a particular parish or denomination might be grouped together.

There are shortcomings of one sort or another related to each of these record listing methods.

  • usually only the christening/birth, marriage and burial registers are listed in published guides
  • about 25% of chapels have deposited their registers with an archive or library
  • many records exist which are not considered registers that may supplement existing registers or serve as substitutes for registers that have not been deposited yet or are lost

It is hoped that the Montgomeryshire Nonconformist Records spreadsheet will provide a more complete list of chapel registers and other chapel records that will supplement missing registers of birth, marriage and death.

Sources[edit | edit source]

List of Subscribers, & c., Towards the Building of the new Baptist Chapel, Glynceiriog. 1875.  This article lists names, address and the amount people gave for the building of the new  Baptist Chapel in Glynceiriog.  The donations came from mainly folk in Montgomeryshire, but there are some from Liverpool, Oswestry, Manchester, Article in Hel Achau,#28, summer 1989, pages 22-23. Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h