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Family and local history societies vary greatly in size and scope. Many are formally constituted bodies, with a constitution and bank account, publishing journals, transcripts, organising projects and running their own websites. Until 2020, most held regular in-person meetings and similar events. Covid restrictions brought these to a shuddering halt and have led many traditional organisations to adapt to online meetings and presentations.
In recent years, many traditional societies have ventured into social media. Such platforms are also increasingly used by less formal groups of local and family historians, as they cost little or nothing to operate and enable ready recruitment of and interaction with likeminded people. As far as possible, this page includes both traditional societies and “online-only” groups. It is probably far from complete, particularly for the latter.
A few of the societies listed are not based in Northamptonshire, but do have an involvement with the county.
Addresses, where shown, are those for writing to societies.

Barby Local History Group
Website: Barby Local History Group

The Group has a growing collection of documents, photographs and artefacts relating to the village, which are used as the basis of publications and exhibitions. The website shares an extensive range of historical information and pictures as well as details of relevant publications and forthcoming projects. In normal circumstances, monthly meetings are held in the village hall.

Blisworth Heritage Society
Website: Blisworth Heritage Society

The Society provides members and visitors with opportunities to share and explore an interest in the heritage of Blisworth and the surrounding area. Activities include assembling and displaying a vast archive of local material both at Blisworth itself and through the website to a global audience. Much of the information on the site that has been gleaned from parish records and other sources is of great benefit to those interested in family history. In normal circumstances, monthly meetings are held at Blisworth.

Brackley & District History Society
Website: Brackley & District History Society

Braunston History Society
Website: Braunston History Society

Brixworth History Society
Website: Brixworth History Society
Social media: Brixworth History Society

The Society shares articles, indexes and pictures on its website, as well as details of its publications. Meetings are normally held monthly at the Village Hall for presentations on matters of historic interest (subject to Covid restrictions). The very active Facebook page had over 270 members in April 2021.

Burton Latimer Heritage Society
Website: Burton Latimer – A Sense of Place
Social media: Burton Latimer Heritage

The Society undertakes research and shares information about the history of Burton Latimer. The searchable website is arranged by topic and includes an enormous collection of articles and illustrations along with details of projects in progress.

Cogenhoe & Whiston Heritage Society
7 Glebe Road
Northampton, Northamptonshire NN71NR UK
Website: Cogenhoe & Whiston Heritage Society

We study, record and stimulate interest in the heritage of our two villages and their surrounding areas. The website showcases the Society’s activities, publications and YouTube channel. Until Covid restrictions intervened, monthly meetings were held in Cogenhoe Village Hall. More recently, meetings have resumed online.

Council for British Archaeology - South Midlands Group
Website: CBA South Midlands Group

This educational charity involves people in archaeology and promotes the appreciation and care of the historic environment.

Deanshanger Village Heritage Society
Website: Deanshanger Village Heritage Society

The Deanshanger Village Heritage Society focuses on caring for the past, present and future of the village of Deanshanger. Details of its activities can be seen at the Society's website.

East Haddon History Society
Website: East Haddon History Society

The website showcases a range of pictures, documents and articles about the history of East Haddon. There are sections about East Haddon Hall, the parish church, the old chapel and a variety of local people, buildings and other topics.

In normal circumstances, the Society runs a programme of meetings and events.

Eydon Historical Research Group
c/o 30a High Street
Daventry, Northamptonshire NN11 3PP UK
Website: Eydon Historical Research Group

The Society actively researches the history of Eydon and its inhabitants and publishes its findings. The website includes a searchable photo archive, an outline of the history of the village and provides a family history forum. It also sets out details of a series of booklets on various aspects of the history of the parish.

Finedon Local History Society
c/o 42 Belvoir Drive
Barton Seagrave
Kettering, Northamptonshire NN15 6RB UK
Website: Finedon Local History Society

Finedon History Society researches, records and promotes the history of Finedon and its inhabitants. Its archives include over 2000 photographic images, many of which can be seen on the website along with details of its newsletters, publications and (subject to Covid restrictions) meetings.

Gretton Local History Society
Telephone: 01536 771102

The Society has a substantial archive of memories, documents and photographs. It is always pleased to receive such items of local interest which can add more to the overall portrait of Gretton in the past. In normal circumstances, meetings are held at Gretton Village Hall.

Guilsborough Historical History
Social media: Guilsborough Historical Society

The Society collects and shares material about the history of Guilsborough, including illustrations such as photographs and post cards. The period covered ranges from the far past to more recent times that are still within living memory. Its active Facebook group had over 360 members in April 2021.

Irchester Parish Historical Society
Website: Irchester Parish Historical Society

The Aims of the Society are the promotion and awareness of local history to stimulate public interest, to support both children and adults in the study of our local history, and to maintain and expand the collection of artefacts connected with the Parish of Irchester.

King’s Cliffe Heritage
Website: King’s Cliffe Heritage

King's Cliffe Heritage gathers and records photographs, documents, records and artefacts about the village's interesting past. The website is a window into its growing digital archive. It offers a wealth of images and searchable information for you to explore throughout the site.

Lincoln Record Society
Website: Lincoln Record Society
Social media: Lincoln Record Socety

The Society prints records and documents relating to the ancient county and diocese of Lincoln. The website gives details of publications in print, some of which may include early material relating to Northamptonshire as it was part of the diocese of Lincoln until 1541.

Middle Nene Archaeological Group
Website: Middle Nene Archaeological Group

Milton Keynes Heritage Association
Website: Milton Keynes Heritage Association

Milton Keynes Heritage Association fosters cooperation between heritage groups and museums in the vicinity of Milton Keynes. Members in Northamptonshire are Cosgrove & Furtho, Deanshanger Village Heritage Society, Historic Towcester Survey, Potterspury History Group, Roade Local History Society, Towcester & District Local History Society, West Haddon Local History Group, Yardley Gobion Local History Group & Yardley Hastings Society.

Naseby Village History
Email: Naseby Village History
Social media: Naseby Village History

This Facebook group was launched in June 2020 for anyone interested in the history of the village of Naseby and the people who have lived there. Over 250 members had joined by April 2021. A regular stream of posts shares the results of research, memories and pictures. The group fosters cooperation as members reach out with their questions and answers.

Northampton Old Faces
Social media: Northampton Old Faces

Group with more than 28,000 members sharing a massive collection of photographs and memories relating to Northampton and its people. Posting are mainly, but not exclusively, from the 20th century.

Northampton Photos & Social History
Social media: Northampton Photos & Social History

Group of more than 13,000 members covering Northampton and nearby areas. It is allied to Northampton Old Faces group and also showcases a wide range of pictures and memories.

Northamptonshire Archaeological Society
Website: Northamptonshire Archaeological Society

The Society publishes an annual journal which contains detailed excavation reports as well as notes and summaries describing current fieldwork. The website provides details of recent discoveries, publications, events and meetings.

Northamptonshire Family History Society
Website: Northamptonshire Family History Society
Social media: Northamptonshire Family History Society

The Society provides a range of free resources on its website, along with details of its indexing and transcription projects and publications. Members receive a journal four times a year and are encouraged to cooperate in pursuing their shared interests. In normal circumstances, monthly meetings take place at Northampton and Kettering but currently online meetings are held instead.

Northamptonshire Industrial Archaeology Group
Website: Northamptonshire Industrial Archaeology Group

The Group co-ordinates the study of industrial heritage in Northamptonshire. Its website provides details of relevant events and publications.

Northamptonshire Record Society
Wootton Hall Park
Northampton NN4 8BQ UK
Website: Northamptonshire Record Society

The Society preserves and publishes records of the ancient county of Northamptonshire. Its rooms at the County Record Office include a notable members’ library focussing on local history. Publications range from “Northamptonshire Past & Present” (NP&P), which is an annual collection of learned articles, to a variety of books which are issued to members and available for purchase by others. The website – freely available to the world at large - is a mine of material about the history of the county. It features PDF files of volumes such as the transcript of Northamptonshire Militia Lists 1777 and the volumes of NP&P that were originally published during the period 1948-1983.

Peterborough & District Family History Society
Website: Peterborough & District Family History Society
Social media: Peterborough & District Family History Society

The Society has organised extensive transcription and indexing of local records. It maintains contact with members and with the world at large through the website, a monthly newsletter and media such as Facebook and Twitter. Members have direct online access to over 190,000 names. Whilst normal meetings are suspended, members’ Zoom meetings are arranged on a regular basis.

Peterborough Local History Society
Website: Peterborough Local History Society

Peterborough Local History Society was formed in 1991 by a group of individuals who believed that the city needed an association where people could come together to share and enjoy the history of this area.

Pitsford Past and Present
Social media: Pitsford Past and Present

This group of some 260 members shares pictures, memories and history of Pitsford and the people who have lived there, mainly but not exclusively from the 20th century.

Potterspury History Group
Website: Potterspury History Group

This group exists to foster an interest in the history of the village and surrounding area. By April 2021, it had already attracted nearly 200 members.

Roade Local History Society
c/o Brown's Lodge
6 Church End
Northamptonshire NN7 2NP UK
Website: Roade Local History Society

The website provides details of projects, publications and plans for future meetings.

Rushden & District History Society
Website: Rushden and District History Society

The website includes an enormous treasure chest of articles and illustrations along with details of continuing progress in investigating and presenting the history of the area.

Spratton Local History Society
9 Church Road
Northampton NN6 8HR UK
Website: Spratton Local History Society

The website includes a wealth of material about village history, local genealogy and a photographic archive as well as details of publications about the history of Spratton and people who have lived there.

Thrapston District Historical Society
Website: Thrapston District Historical Society

The Society is developing a digital archive which includes oral history. In normal times, there is a programme of monthly meetings held locally. Details of publications can be seen on the website.

Towcester & District Local History Society
9 Calvert Road
Greens Norton
Towcester, Northamptonshire NN12 8DD UK
Telephone: 01327 351782
Website: Towcester & District Local History Society

The website includes accounts of the history of Towcester, its people and buildings with extensive illustrations. There is a considerable amount of information useful for those researching family history in the vicinity. Monthly meetings currently take place on Zoom.

Upper Nene Archaeological Society
Piddington Villa Museum
Chapel End
Piddington, Northamptonshire NN7 2DD UK
Telephone: 01604 870312
Website: Upper Nene Archaeological Society

Piddington Villa Museum helps visitors appreciate the structure of that Roman property and how its inhabitants and neighbours lived. The Society also provides a range of other educational services.

Welford and Sulby Historical Society
Social media: Welford and Sulby Historical Society

The Society focuses on acquiring, cataloguing, contextualising and making available information and items of historical interest relating to Welford and Sulby. Since it was launched in 2018, we have attracted a good turnout for our monthly meetings (subject to Covid restrictions). The very active Facebook page group had over 400 members in April 2021.

West Haddon Local History Group
Website: West Haddon Local History Group

The website presents a well-illustrated range of material assembled by members of the Group, based on archival research and also the recollections of local residents. Visitors to the site can find an outline of the history of the village and articles about notable residents, as well as sections that focus on education, the war years and trade.

Old Photos of West Haddon
Social media: Old Photos of West Haddon

A place to share old photographs of West Haddon and its people.

Wollaston Heritage Society
Wollaston Museum
102 High Street
Wollaston, Northamptonshire NN29 7BJ
Website: Wollaston Heritage Society

The Society's collections include a variety of documents, photographs, archaeological finds and artefacts connected with the history of the village and its people. These items are housed at the Museum. Much information about them and related subjects are presented on the well-illustrated website.

Yardley Gobion Local History Group
Website: Yardley Gobion Local History Group

The well-illustrated website includes much material about the history of the village, local people and associated topics. Its substantial database is a gold mine for those interested in the history of local families.

Yardley Hastings Society
Website: Yardley Hastings Society

The Society aims to produce a pictorial and factual history of Yardley Hastings. It has already assembled a searchable online collection of photographs and information from historical documents.