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Norwegian Genealogical Library
Norwegian Genealogical Library

Contact Information[edit | edit source]

The Norwegian Genealogical Library is owned and administered by the Norwegian Genealogical Society (Norsk Slektshistorisk Forening/NSF) and share the premises.

Facebook: NSF Facebook page
Facebook forum: Slektshistorisk Forum
Address: Industriveien 6, NO-1473 Lørenskog, Norway.
Telephone: +47 47 77 06 77. Calls are answered on Fridays between 9 and 12 a.m. and during the library's opening hours on Saturdays.
Hours of Operation: Saturdays 11–15, or by appointment. Closed during the summer season and during holidays. See the calendar (in Norwegian) for more details.
Directions: From Oslo Bus Terminal you can take the following bus routes:

Route 110: Lillestrøm, bus stop: Njåls vei (3 minutes to walk).
Route 100: Kjeller, bus stop: Visperud (6 minutes to walk).

Fom Lillestrøm Bus Terminal you can take:

Route 100: Oslo Bus Terminal, bus stop: Visperud (6 minutes to walk).

If you travel from Oslo, Visperud is the last bus stop in zone 1. For more details about tickets and travel zones, please go to to Ruter's subpage Buying tickets. For other details about public transport, go to Ruter's website in English. For maps and other details, see also NSF's suppage Våre lokaler ("Our premises").

Parking: There is a park place behind the office building where the library is situated. Please hurry to the library to get a parking slip to avoid a parking ticket.

Description of Collections[edit | edit source]

Norwegian Genealogical Library (Norsk Slektshistorisk Forenings bibliotek) has one of the largest collections of genealogical literature in the country. The collection includes bygdebøker (parish books with details of people living on the farms), genealogies, genealogy periodocals, biographies, reference books etc.

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Online collections[edit | edit source]

The website of the Norwegian Genealogical Society includes genealogy collections which are either free for all visitors or restricted to members. Visitors to the library will get access to the members' area collections.

The collections include among others older literature, registers of the periodicals Norsk Slektshistorisk Tidsskrift and Genealogen, editions of Genealogen (free access 1987–1999), Polititidende (Police News), military sources, older cemetery inscriptions, poor relief records, prisoner records, prostitutes records, genealogy collections (Tore Vigerust, Christian Spangen, Wilhelm Lassen, John Anders Nordström, Kjell Magnell, Henrich Holst Neumann) and much more.

Free pages: Publikasjoner for alle ("Free publications").

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