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#REDIRECT [[Ogden Utah FamilySearch Center]]
| link1=[[United States|United States]]
| link2=[[Utah Genealogy|Utah]]
| link3=[[Weber County, Utah Genealogy|Weber County]]
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| link5=[[Ogden FamilySearch Library|Ogden FamilySearch Library]]
[[Image:Ogden fhc 119.bmp|475px|East Building Entrance]]{{Box
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| title=Ogden FamilySearch Library
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[https://www.google.com/maps/preview/place/539+24th+St,+Ogden,+UT+84401/@41.2224389,-111.9664987,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x87530ed9a342a2cd:0x34bb10bb3695be4f Location Map]<br> 539 24th Street Ogden, Utah<br>801-626-1132 <br>[http://ogdenfsl.org/ Ogden FamilySearch] <br>'''Hours''' <br>
'''Monday''': 9 am – 5 pm<br>'''Tue-Thurs''': 9 am – 9 pm<br>'''Friday & Saturday''': 9 am – 5 pm
== Purpose ==
*Ogden FamilySearch Library is a branch of [https://www.familysearch.org/ FamilySearch] -  [[Family History Library|Family History Library]] in Salt Lake City, Utah (United States). <ref>The large centers, previously called multi-stake or regional centers, are now called FamilySearch Libraries.</ref> The Library provides resources to assist you in the research and study of your genealogy and family history by:
**Providing personal one-on-one assistance to patrons
**Helping all patrons readily identify and link their ancestors by providing personal instruction and classes.
**Providing access to genealogical records through the Internet or through some on site microfilms. 
===  [http://ogdenfsl.org/contact-us/ Click HERE] for what may be found at the Ogden FamilySearch Library ===
* Contact information, holiday schedule, and location
* Upcoming Conferences and summer activities
* Current Class Schedule
* Contact method for group tours or classes
* Temple and Family History Consultant information
* Monthly newsletter
* Boy Scout workshops
* YSA Missionary opportunities
* Microfilm access and on-site films
* Service opportunities
* Links to popular family history and genealogical web sites
* Training blogs
== Repositories  ==
=== Local Resources  ===
*[[Ogden FamilySearch Library/Local Resources]]
=== Repositories with significant Latter-day Saint collections  ===
*[[BYU Center for Family History and Genealogy|BYU Center for Family History and Genealogy]], Provo.
*[[Family History Library|Family History Library]], Salt Lake City, 450 computers, 3,400 databases, 3.1 million microforms, 4,500 periodicals, 310,000 books of worldwide family and local histories, civil, church, immigration, ethnic, military, Mormon records.
*[[Church History Library|Church History Library]], Salt Lake City, LDS history 1830-now: diaries, *CensureBlock*s, Church records, photographs, oral history, architectural drawings, pamphlets, newspapers, periodicals, maps, microforms, audiovisual material<ref>"Church History Library and Archives" in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [Internet site] at http://www.lds.org/churchhistory/library (accessed 18 October 2008).</ref>
*[http://www.dupinternational.org/ Daughters of Utah Pioneers], Salt Lake City, the Museum displays artifacts, and the History Department collects and preserves about 100,000 histories of pioneers who set out for, settled, or were born in Utah by 10 May 1869.<ref>"Pioneer Museum" and "History Department" pages in International Society ~ Daughter of Utah Pioneers [Internet site] at http://www.dupinternational.org/ (accessed 18 October 2008).</ref>
*[http://history.utah.gov/ Utah State Historical Society], Salt Lake City, family histories, photographs, books, *CensureBlock* collections, directories, maps, newspapers, yearbooks, and periodicals are available in the Research Center and online.<ref>"Research Center and Collections" and "Collections Available at the Research Center" in Utah State History [Internet site] at http://history.utah.gov/research_and_collections/index.html (accessed 18 October 2008).</ref><br>
=== Neighboring repositories  ===
*[http://www.archives.state.ut.us/ Utah State Archives], SLC, newspaper, death, land, court, history, naturalization, military, directories, criminal.
*[https://archives.usu.edu/ Utah State University], Logan, Special Collections and Archives local historical and biographical sources.
*[http://www.lib.utah.edu/portal/site/marriottlibrary/ University of Utah], SLC, history, biography, newspapers, government documents, and Western Americana.
*[http://www.utd.uscourts.gov/documents/dirpage.html United States District Court of Utah] federal court records.
*[http://www.courtreference.com/Utah-County-Utah-Courts.htm Utah County Court] local court records.
*[http://www.provolibrary.com/local-info-and-resources Provo City Library], history, newspapers, obituaries, cemeteries, FamilySearch, HeritageQuest, death certificates.
*[[Salt Lake City Public Library|Salt Lake City Public Library]] Utah newspapers on microfilm, and genealogical databases.
== Sources  ==
<references />
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