Prince Edward Island Vital Records

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Civil governments have created records of births, marriages, and deaths. Records containing this information are commonly called "vital records," because they refer to critical events in a person's life. These are the most important documents for genealogical research, although the births, marriages, and deaths of many people have never been recorded by civil authorities.

Prince Edward Island became a province of Canada in 1873. A few marriage records for the area date back to 1787. Official registration of births and deaths began in 1906. Prince Edward Island marriage records began in 1787. Birth and death records began in 1906. Records are more complete after 1920.

  • Most official vital records of birth, marriage, and death for Prince Edward Island must be requested on forms available from the Office of Vital Statistics.
  • Most vital records for Prince Edward Island for years before 1906 are at the Public Archives and Records Office.