Saint Andrew Parish, Grenada

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Saint Andrew's is the largest parish in Grenada Genealogy. The main town is Grenville, which is also Grenada's second largest town after the capital of St George's. Grenville is also often referred to by its former 17th century French name of La Baye. Today this parish is particularly known for its 200 acres of cocoa farms and the production of organic cocoa by local farmers.

History[edit | edit source]

In 1650's the French originally named the parish Grand Marquis and it was part of the French Territories. Marquis was considered the first Parish Capital from 1795 to 1796 with its main town of Grenville.  The parish was renamed to Saint Andrew's in 1796, some years after the British gained ownership of the island of Grenada and the French name of the town Grenville has been retained to this day.