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Absolution[edit | edit source]

The translation for "absolution" is absolverede.

If a child was born out of wedlock, the mother (and in some countries the father) had to be absolved of this sin. There may have been a separate record kept of this event, listing the parties involved by name. Or the date of the absolution may just be listed to the side of the child's christening entry in the church record.

If a separate record is kept, it may give the name of the father of the illegitimate child and tell where he's from, especially if from out of the parish. Other details may also be given, such as if he's a soldier, sailor, working elsewhere, if the pregnancy was forced, if the mother is living at home, or if she also is from elsewhere.

In Denmark and Norway, the father's name of an illegitimate child is normally given in the child's christening entry. If for some reason it isn't, it could be found in the absolution record.

In Sweden and Finland, the father of an illegitimate child is protected by law, so you normally will not find their name in the child's christening entry. If a separate absolution record is kept, the name may be found there.