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'''Adjacent towns: ''Hampshire Co.: '' [[Amherst, Massachusetts|Amherst]] | [[Granby, Massachusetts|Granby]] | [[Hadley, Massachusetts|Hadley]] | [[Easthampton, Massachusetts|Easthampton]] | ''Hampden Co.:'' [[Chicopee, Massachusetts|Chicopee]] | [[Holyoke, Massachusetts|Holyoke]]'''  
'''Adjacent towns: ''Hampshire Co.: '' [[Amherst, Massachusetts|Amherst]] | [[Easthampton, Massachusetts|Easthampton]] | [[Granby, Massachusetts|Granby]] | [[Hadley, Massachusetts|Hadley]] | ''Hampden Co.:'' [[Chicopee, Massachusetts|Chicopee]] | [[Holyoke, Massachusetts|Holyoke]]'''  
{{MAHampshire towns}}  
{{MAHampshire towns}}  
[[Category:Hampshire_County,_Massachusetts]] [[Category:Towns_in_Massachusetts]]
[[Category:Hampshire_County,_Massachusetts]] [[Category:Towns_in_Massachusetts]]

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Adjacent towns: Hampshire Co.: Amherst | Easthampton | Granby | Hadley | Hampden Co.: Chicopee | Holyoke