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Below is a list of the most recent deletions.

  • 12:21, 11 November 2020 SvareJM talk contribs deleted page FamilySearch Indexing:UK, England and Wales—1871 Census, Lookup Lists (content was: "Using the spelling on the document, enter the place names or occupations that are not included in the lookup list.  Click '''Edit This Page '''above, enter the place name or occupation in the correct column and click '''Save Page '''in the lower left'''.'''  Use Shift+Enter to add lines without extra lines after.<br><u <u>'''Place Name:'''</u><br>Aberdeen <br>Aberdeenshire<br>Aberffraw<br> Acomb Alberley<br>Alberton Aldwark<br>Allenmouth<br>Alvesf...")