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Geographic Distribution: The Manitoba and Northwest Conference includes more than just Manitoba. You will also find records of some bordering municipalities in Ontario. Other United Church local church records are available in Conference archives across Canada.
[ '''United Church of Canada Archives''']<br>(as of September 16, 2013)<br>40 Oak Street, Lower Level <br>Toronto, Ontario M5A 2C6<br>Email:[mailto:]<br><br>
[ '''Conference of Manitoba &amp; Northwestern Ontario - United Church of Canada''']<br>University of Winnipeg Library<br>515 Portage Avenue<br>Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2E9<br>Telephone: 204-783-0708<br>By appointment only<br>Email:<br><br>
[ '''[Ukrainian Catholic''']'''Archeparchy of Winnipeg Museum and Archives''']<br>233 Scotia Street<br>Winnipeg, Manitoba R3V 1V7<br>Telephone: 204-338-7801<br>Email: <br>
==== '''Other Church Records''' ====