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[[Image:The Parish Chest.jpg|thumb|right|300px|A parish chest]]
*England, [county name], [parish name] - Taxation
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| link =
| name = The Parish Chest - Part 1
}} For further information on parish chest material, see:
For further information on parish chest material, see:
*The Parish Chest lesson series [ Part 1], [ Part 2], [ Part 3]
*McLaughlin, Eve. Annals of the Poor. Third Edition. Solihull, England: Federation of Family History Societies Publications, Limited, 1986. (FHL Book 942 H6mev.)
*Tate, W. E. The Parish Chest. Third Edition. Chichester, Sussex, England: Phillimore, 1969. (FHL book 942 K2t.)
*{{cite web |author=Tate, William Edward |date=1969 | title={{google books|vhQ9AAAAIAAJ|The parish chest: a study of the records of parochial administration in England}} |publisher=Cambridge University Press |accessdate=17 March 2012 }}
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