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The Fort Berthold Devils Lake Indian Reservation is (now known as Spirit Lake Indian Reservation) was located in west east central North Dakota, mostly in Bencon County..
:Established -- 19 February 1867:Agency (BIA) -- Devils Lake Agency:Principal tribes -- Assiniboin, Cuthead (Pabaksa), Santee, Sisseton, Yankton, and Wahpeton Sioux
:Population --
== History ==
The Devils Lake Reservation was established by Treaty of Feb. 19, 1867 (XV, 505) and by agreement of Sept. 20, 1872, confirmed in Indian appropriation act approved June 22, 1874 (XVIII, 167)<ref>"North Dakota Indian Reservations," Handbook of Indians North of Mexico, by Frederick Webb Hodge [ Available online.]</ref>.
This reservation is now known as Spirit Lake Reservation.
== Records ==
The 1900 federal census included population schedules for the Devils Lake Indian Reservation. The census includes the non-Indian employees of the Devils Lake Agency, as well as many pages of [[Indian Population Schedules -- 1900 United States Census|Indian Population Schedules]] for the native population of the Reservation. They are recorded as [;w=55029;p=3 District 263, Devils Lake Indian Reservation], in Benson County, North Dakota.
Listings of the Indians living on the Devils Lake Indian Reservation in 1915 and 1925 are included in the state census of North Dakota. The major portion of the 1915 enumeration is filed under the various districts of Sioux County. However, there are many Indian families and individuals enumerated in other counties, as well. The 1925 census includes listings for the Devils Lake Reservation filed under the subdivision of "Tribe Devils Lake Sioux."
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