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=== California Research Strategies ===
These tips will help you as you research your ancestors in California.
*'''Birth information:''' Birth records in California start on the county level in 1905 - although not all counties complied with the law. The best A helpful substitute record for locating to find birth information is [[How to Find United States Death Records|a death records]] (the majority of death records will list the record. However, date and place of birth of the decedent, and since on a death certificates are record is considered a primary resourcesecondary information, they can provide you with as it was not recorded at the time of the same documentation as a birth certificate)event. Or, try these The birth information should be corroborated with other [[Substitute Records For United States Birth Information|substitute records]]to improve accuracy.
*'''Finding Parents:''' The State of California began recording deaths in 1905. They often will list the parents of the deceased and their birth information. [[How to Find United States Death Records|Search California death records]]
*'''Look in all censuses:''' Always look for your ancestor in every possible census. There are clues regarding immigration, naturalization, and occupation that can lead to other records. Sometimes parents can be found living with their children later in life. [[United States Census Online|Search U.S. Censuses]].
=== California Record Finder ===
This Record Finder is designed to help you determine the best record to search for the type of information you are looking for. It is most helpful for post-1850 research.
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| style="vertical-align:top; width:20%;"| '''1. What you are looking for:''' | style="vertical-align:top; width:40%;"| '''2. Try these records first:''' | style="vertical-align:top; width:40%;"| '''3. Other useful records''' 
| Birth information
| Parents
| [[How to Find California Birth Records|Birth records]], [[How to Find California Death Records|Death records]], [[United States Obituaries|Obituaries]], [[California Census|Census]], [[California Church Records|Church records]]
| [[California Biography|Biography]], [[California , United States Genealogy|Genealogy]]
| Maiden name
=== Further California Research ===
For more research on California, including research at the county level, visit the [[California , United States Genealogy|California]] page on the Research Wiki.
Search all of the [ California record collections ] at FamilySearch.<br>
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