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:After you sign in you can use the drop down under the FamilySearch icon to the upper left of the page to go into the Service Cloud Console Click the Icon. (if you are not already there). There are 8 options on the drop down we will only be covering the Cases. <br>
''Go to the drop down just under the FamilySearch Icon and click. There are 8 items in the drop down. We will click on the One names named Cases. ''  ::Just as an FYI the "Home" and "Chatter" pages are very similar. The home page has a few options on the left side. The "Dashboard" covers a study of the Customer Information. The "Training" page has a group of cases to train on but none so far is useful to us.
*Today we will be looking at cases that are presently in our categories.
=== The '''Cases''' link- will take you to your cases both regular cases and images. ===''When everyone is into the Cases point at the following''
'''There is another dropdown drop down just below the '''cases'''box. Click on the lower dropdowndrop down.'''
==== Let us look at the 5 drop downs in the Lower drop down box. ====
::'''MY Cases Worked'''- These are the cases I have worked. So I can go back to all the cases I have accepted and look up that happened (This is like the history page)
::'''Support-Wiki Image/Doc approval'''- This is where we review and approve images and files submitted to the Wiki.
::'''Support-Wiki Support'''- This is our main cases. We will look at these first.<br>
''Stay in the '''Support-Wiki Support''' we will start here practicing and working cases''
===== Let us cover the steps in working a case and go over several cases. =====
::'''First''' Click on the Wiki Support key in the lower dropdown drop down on the upper right. This will bring up all the present cases.
::'''Second''' Click on the case number you want to look at, you need to decide if this is even a case for our group as many are not cases for our team.<br>
Thank you for the information. Best wishes in all your genealogical work.
FamilySearch Wiki Support Team
=== Support Links ===
Go to "AS Scheduled" (above) and do something on each item that you can do.
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