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==== Availability of Catholic Parish Registers ====
At 3The [http:30pm (Dublin time), on 8 July 2015, 98 percent // National Library of all Ireland ] digitized their microfilm collection of Roman Catholic Parish Registers (which have been digitised) went parish registers and released them online in July 2015. The starting date of the registers vary by parish, but the cutoff date for public accessibility on the National Library of Ireland's microfilms was usually 1880-1881. These images are free and can be accessed through their website (click here for details for accessing them for free--[ The National Library of Ireland]. These records , however they are of the original parish registers and do not include indexed on that site. [] has created an online index to themthis collection, linked to the original images. See [ FamilySearch], []&nbsp; and []. for avilable other online indexes. For help with Catholic parish name changes, see James Ryannames and dates and availability of extant records visit John Grenham's book at most major public and universitywebsite [ libraries:&nbsp; ''Irish Records Sources''; FHL&nbsp;book 941index.5 D23rhtm]. Also see Mark Freerick's helpful website at: [] <br>
=== Jewish Records ===