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===History of the Parish Name=Location==Vantör - 1957-01-01 Härad (District): Does not apply to parishes in the city. See the City jurisdictional offices instead. <br>
Län (County): Under the Stockholms Överståthållarskap (like a governor) between July 29, 1634 and 1967. Stockholm City merged with Stockholm County in 1967.<br> ==History==Known as Vantör 1957-01-01 <br>For Vantör in medieval times see: Brännkyrka. <br> ====Mother Parish=Organized From / Combined With===
1957-01-01 broke from Brännkyrka. <br>
====Annex Parish Authority==== Its own. <br>====Parishes Created from Vantör====
 ====Repository History and Record Loss==== ==Places Associated to the Parish======Streets==== ====Rote==== ====Kvarter==== ===General Notes=Neighboring Parishes====For Vantör in medieval times see ==Church Records=='''Födda / Döpta (Birth / Christening): Brännkyrka. '''<br> '''Lysning / Vigda (Banns / Marriage):''' '''Döda / Begravda (Death / Burial):''' '''Husförhör (Household Examination):''' '''Inflyttning (Moving-In):''' '''Utflyttning (Moving-Out):''' '''Flyttningsbetyg (Moving Certificate):''' '''Kyrkoräkenskaper (Church Accounts):''' == Related Sources=====Cemeteries======Court======Property======Local Histories======Maps======Military======Newspapers======Probate======Taxation======Vital Records=== ==Societies and Libraries== ==Websites==
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