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This page will give you additional guidance and resources to find birth information for your ancestor. Use this page after first completing the birth section of the [[GuidedResearch:Alabama|Alabama Guided Research]] page.
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=== Additional Databases and Online Resources ===
<div style="margin-bottom: -15px">{| style="max-width:850px; min-width:860px; vertical-align:top; padding-right:-3px"|- |style="width:375px"|*'''1880s-1930s:''' [ '''<u>Alabama Birth Collections</u>'''] at FamilySearch {{Tooltip|styleShift left="width:400px;"|<div style="padding-top:6.5px">{{Tooltip150px|Width=350px400px
|Hover words=- (''List of collections'')
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Alabama Births and Christenings, 1881-1930<br>Alabama, Church Records, 1831-1994<br>Alabama, County Birth Registers, 1881-1930<br>United States Births and Christenings, 1867-1931<br>United States, Freedman's Bank Records, 1865-1874<br>}}  ====How to Request the Record When It's Not Online====Statewide registration for births started in 1908. General compliance occurred by 1927. </divbr>To learn more about record limitations and restrictions, see the article [[How to Find Alabama Birth Records#Births after 1908|}How to Find Alabama Birth Records]].<br><br>To order birth records ''after'' 1908, contact:</divbr>
:'''Alabama Department of Public Health'''<br>Alabama Vital Records<br>P.O. Box 5625<br>Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5625<br>Phone: (334) 206-5418<br>[ Website]<br><br>
'''NOTE:''' By law, birth certificates are confidential for 125 years from the date of birth. Only the person on the certificate or close relatives may order a birth certificate during this restricted period (see [[How to Find Alabama Birth Records#Births after 1908|Restrictions]] for more details).
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==== Additional Records with Birth Information ====
Substitute records may contain information about more than one event and are used when records for an event are not available. Records that are used to substitute for birth events may not have been created at the time of the birth. The accuracy of the record is contingent upon when the information was recorded. Search for information in multiple substitute records to confirm the accuracy of these records.
{| width="100%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="1"
| width="10%" | <center>[[Alabama Cemeteries|Cemetery Records]] </center>
| width="15%" | <center><u>[ 2 Alabama Cemetery FS Collections]</u></center>
| width="75%" | Gravestone inscriptions and cemetery records may include a birthdate.
| width="10%" | <center>[[Alabama Census|Census Records]] </center>
| width="15%" | <center><u>[ 3 U.S. Census FS Collections]</u></center>
| width="75%" | Census records beginning with the 1850 census give names and ages of individuals, allowing researchers to estimate birth years.
| width="10%" | <center>[[United States Obituaries|Obituaries]] </center>
| width="15%" | <center><u>[ 2 Alabama Obituary FS Collections]</u></center>
| width="75%" | Obituaries often include the birthdate and place of the deceased.
| width="10%" | <center>[[Alabama Military Records|Military Records]] </center>
| width="15%" | <center><u>[ 5 Alabama Military FS Collections]</u></center>
| width="75%" |Post-Civil War records may include the date and place of birth.
'''Records Publishedby FamilySearch'''<br>Collection coverage tables show the places and time periods of original records publishedby FamilySearch. Check For any FamilySearch collections you did not find your ancestor in, check the coverage table for gaps in the online collection. If the collections you searched which did not include time period or location your ancestor. Gaps lived in is missing from the online collection , it may require searches in other records found at original repository or original birth finding substitute records at an archivefor the event.
*[[Alabama Births and Christenings, Coverage Table (FamilySearch Historical Records) |Alabama Births and Christenings, Coverage Table (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]
'''Records destroyedDestroyed'''<br>
The following counties had record loss. Click on the county for more information.<br>
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*[[Winston County, Alabama Genealogy#Record Loss|Winston County]]
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