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Edited History and Timeline
In late 1999, the administration of East Timor was taken over by the UN through the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET). The INTERFET deployment ended in February 2000 with the transfer of military command to the UN. By May 2002, over 205,000 refugees had returned, and East Timorese independence was formalized on 20 May 2002 with Xanana Gusmão sworn in as the country's first President. East Timor became a member of the UN in 2002.
1769 - Effective European occupation of a small part of the territory, when the city of Dili was founded and the colony of Portuguese Timor declared<br>1914 - A definitive border between the Dutch-colonised western half of the island and the Portuguese-colonised eastern half of the island was established by the Permanent Court of Arbitration<br>1974 - Portugal effectively abandoned its colony on Timor and civil war between East Timorese political parties broke out<br>1974 - 1999 The Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor cited a minimum of 102,800 conflict-related deaths during this period<br>1975 - The Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor resisted a Timorese Democratic Union coup attempt and unilaterally declared independence<br>1976 - Indonesia declared East Timor its 27th province<br>1991 - Dili Massacre<br>2002 - East Timor was renamed to Timor-Leste, using the Portuguese language, and was admitted as a member state by the UN<br>2006 - The United Nations sent in security forces to restore order when unrest and factional fighting forced 155,000 people to flee their homes<br>2012 - The United Nations ended its peacekeeping mission<br>
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