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{{DISPLAYTITLEFor information on this series and links to images see [ United States, Army posts. Carded Marriage Records, 1883 - to 1916 (A - L) - National Archives Catalog}}].
This record collection is from [ Record Group 94: Records of the Adjutant General's Office].XiSqhxXCjlYSee [ '''United States, Army postsarchives. Carded Marriage Records, ''1883 to 1916'''''gov/research/catalog/help/using.html Using the National Archives Catalog]for details instructions on using the National Archvies Catalog.
This record collection is from, The next section of this list can be found at [[ Record Group 94: Carded Marriage Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1883 - 1916, M - Z - National Archives Catalog]].
*[ Using the National Archives Catalog] *[[Carded Marriage Records, 1883 - 1916, M - Z - National Archives Catalog]] [NOTE: This record collection The default sort of this table is sorted alphabetically alphabetical by the '''Groom (Soldier)'s'' surname.]You can resort it by clicking on any column heading. The link in the '''NAID''' column will open a new window with the National Archives Catalog where you can see the images for that set of records.
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!NAID!!Groom (Soldier)!!Bride!!Marriage Date!!Place of Marriage
|[ 12014010]||Lewis Abshire||Marie Thudin
| ||
| id="" [https: // |/id/12014514 12014514]
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