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Your user page is automatically named after your username you chose when you register for a FamilySearch account. Currently, you can not change your user name once it has been created.<br>
Your User Page must display your correct username (the one you log into the wiki with) as the page title. You should not override the page title so that the user name does not show. For example: if your username is Genealogy223 and your real name is Dale Smith, then the title of your wiki user page will be Genealogy223, not Dale Smith. This is to assist others in identifing identifying which edits and contributions you have made.
{{Wikipedia|Wikipedia:User page}} === See also =Terms of Use ==[ FamilySearch Terms of Use] require contributors not to use their User page as a forum to conjecture, gossip, or debate about the priorities, motives, processes, policies, or competence of FamilySearch or its personnel. These activities fall outside of the scope and use of this site and may result in loss of Editing rights.<br>
== See also ==
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*[ FamilySearch Terms of Use]
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