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51st Regiment, Virginia Infantry (Confederate)

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Company A (Capt. Stephen M. Dickey's Company)&nbsp; - many men from [[Grayson_CountyGrayson County,_VirginiaVirginia|Grayson County]]
Company B (Nelson Rifles) - many men from [[Nelson_CountyNelson County,_VirginiaVirginia|Nelson County]]
Company D ( Capt. Ezekiel Youngs Company) - many men from [[Grayson_CountyGrayson County,_VirginiaVirginia|Grayson County]]
CompanyE (Wythe Rifles) - many men from [[Wythe_CountyWythe County,_VirginiaVirginia|Wythe County]] and [[Nelson County, Virginia|Nelson County]]
Company &nbsp;I&nbsp; (Capt. John P. Wolfe's Company) - many men from [[Washington_CountyWashington County,_VirginiaVirginia|Washington County]]
Company&nbsp; K (Bland Tigers) - &nbsp;many men from [[Bland_CountyBland County,_VirginiaVirginia|Bland County]]
Company&nbsp; L ([[Tazewell_CountyTazewell County,_VirginiaVirginia|Tazewell County]] Company) - &nbsp;An eleven-piece band

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