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== Stakes in the county, 1930  ==
== Stakes in the county, 1930  ==
*[[Stake, Idaho LDS Church Wards and Branches|____ Stake, Idaho]]<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBeg}} p. xx</ref>  
*[[Stake, Idaho LDS Church Wards and Branches|Idaho Stake, Idaho]]<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBeg}} p. 353</ref>  
**'''Stake Boundaries '''as of about 1930:  
**'''Stake Boundaries '''as of about 1930:  
**'''Wards, 1930: '''
**'''Wards, 1930: '''

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Stakes in the county, 1930[edit | edit source]

Alpha list of wards in the county[edit | edit source]

Click on a ward below for records at the FamilySearch Library. For boundaries and a history timeline for a ward, click to the stake in 1930 (list above).

References[edit | edit source]