Sweden: Household Examination Vocabulary

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Ankom Arrive, be due
Anmärkningar Remark, observation
Anteckningar notes
Backstugu Back cottage, family living in back
Begrepp Concept, idea, notion
Begått Commit, perpetrate, peform, carry out
Bevistat Attend, be present at
Blinda blind
Bortflyttade Move away
By village
Dag day
Död Dead, death
Döfstumma Deaf-mute
Eller or
Embete See Ämbete
Enkl. eller Enka. See änkling eller änklingen
Fattighjon pauper
Flyttning ifrån Moving from
Flyttad moving
Fräjd character, standing
Främmande Strange, forgeign
Från from
Födde Born, give birth to
Födelse (-ses) Birth
Födelse År Birth year
Förhör. Household Examination
Förklaring Explanation, declaration
Förstår understand
Gift married
H. H. Nattvard Herrens Heliga Nattvard (The Lords Holy Communion)
Haft Koppor Has had small pox
Hitflyttad Moved here
Hushåll household
Husförhörsbok Household Examination Book
Hustaflan Twelve short additions to Luther's catechism which in biblical language emphasize mankind's obligations and rights
i at, in, on, for, to, as, of
ifrån from
Inflyttningsattest Moving-in certificate
Inhyses Cottager, person living at, lodger
Innan läsning
Kom Come from
Koppor Pox (vattenkoppor Chicken pox, Smittkopper small pox)
Kristendomskunskap Christen knowledge
Lutheri mindre Chateches Luther’s Small Catechism
Luthers Cataches Luther’s Catechism
Lyten Defect, blemish, fault, deformation (old Swedish)
Län County
Läser uti Bok Read from the book
Läsning utantill Reciting without the book
Mån. och dag. Month and day
Månad month
Namn name
Nationalitet nationality
Nattvard The Holy Communion, the Sacrament
Nattvardsgång Partaking of the Holy Communion
Nata, Natus (Latin) born
Naven och Hemvist Name and Residence
Nummer number
Näringsfång Source of (means of earning a) livelihood, business, industry
och and
Om Within, about, again, anew, about,
Omständigheter circumstance
Ort Place, neighborhood, locality
Pagina (latin) page
Personernas the person's
Psalm Psalm –bok (book)
Rymd to remove, to run away, desert
Socken parish
Spörsmål (old Swedish) question
Stad City, town
Ställe place
Stånd Stand, station, state, condition
Svagsint Weak of mind
Svebilius Cateches Olov Svebilius Catechism
Särskilt Particular, special
Tabula Decon(Latin)
Till To, untill, at, by
Utan Bok Without (the book), by heart
Utantill Without (the book), by heart
Yrke Occupation, proffesion, trade
Äktenskap marriage
Ämbete Office, official position, employment, guild
Änkling eller Änkemand Widow or Widower
År year
År och Dag Year and day