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Talk:FamilySearch Indexing: Ireland - Tithe Applotment Books 1824-1840, Project Updates

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Project Updates

I clicked to be signed up to project updates on the Naturalization/Immigration projects, and when it came back, I'm now signed up to notification of the Ireland-Tithe applotment books.  What kind of computer glitch was that?  What I really want to know is that in the field helps it says if the country was abbreviated to put it exactly like it was minus the punctuation.  SO, I would assume that meant if  put Ger for nationality, one would not put Germany, but leave it Ger.  OR, if it was U.S., we would just put U S, not United States.  BUT, when I clicked on the example, the index card said Grt Britain, but the information was indexed as Great Britain.  SO, now I am more confused than ever.  I did not see any project updates about it, so I clicked to be notified of them - and ended up on this page.....

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