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In the first batch I'm working on,found one card with the father's name and nine other family members.  Do I index only the father, or should I create separate records for each family member? 

Were the other family members listed on the "Accompanied by" line? If so, you do not index them.

Nationality Fields[edit source]

Nationality examples and questions:

Expand abbreviatons of countries or nationalities.  If it could go either way, we enter nationality (as I'm reading this).  Therefore;

Ger = we type German (rather than Germany)

Germany = Germany

Gt Britain = Great Britain (not British)

Brit = British

Irish = Irish

Ire = Ireland  (as it doesn't expand to Irish)

Fr = French

American = United States (about only one we can change)

Can = Canadian or Canada?

Eng = England or English  (English is sometimes referred to as a nationality by it appears that British is preferred terminology.  English is not in the look-up list.  However, English is also a nationality in some circles.  Need clarification for Eng.