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Tellingstedt, Schleswig-Holstein, Preussen, Germany

Sources in Print:

  • Schlomer, Harm H. The John H. Schlomer Story: From Tellingstedt to the Inland Empire. This family history traces ancestors and descendants of John H. Schlomer from his home in Tellingstedt to the Connell, Washington, United States area.  An ancestral chart is included listing 12 generations of the Schlömer family beginning with Claus Schlömer Häusler of Heuwisch.  It also includes the heroic struggles of Dithmarschen farmers and their battle for independence as well as reviewing the history of this area.

  • Marriage records for the years 1705-1738 have been published in: Trauregister aus den ältesten Kirchenbüchern Schleswig-Holsteins, von 1705 bis 1750 by Franz Schubert; Volume 8; pt. 2; pages 187-226. [Family History Library 943.512 K29sa vol. 8 pt. 1-2].   [Records are missing for the years 1739-1771].