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Information icon.pngThis image was created and uploaded by Bill Price III. (e)
You can find more free pictures of various subjects in my photo gallery.

You do not need to contact me to request permission to use this image. However, please review the Licensing section below for legal information regarding the rights I have granted you to use this image. Do not copy this image illegally by ignoring the terms of the license, as it is not in the public domain. In particular, please observe the following:

  1. You are required to attribute me as Bill Price III, or optionally as 裴文逸 or 배문일 (where appropriate in East Asia).
  2. If you use this picture outside of a Wikimedia project, whether online or offline, please contact me as a courtesy to let me know. This is not a requirement, but I do appreciate it.

You can click here to send me an e-mail if you have a Commons account. If you don't have an account, you can also write a note on my discussion page with your query and/or your contact information, and I will communicate with you that way.