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Born in Cardston, Alberta Canada

Currently serving as a Church Service Missionary in the FamilySearch department within the DIPS (Digital Imaging & Processing group) Zone. I work with the User Guidance group and train other missionaries as well as work on many countries in Europe, Africa and Canada.

About Me[edit | edit source]

United States flag.png This user lives in the United States Genealogy.
en This user is a native speaker of English

Conferences[edit | edit source]

Ancestry[edit | edit source]

Flag of England.png This user is of English ancestry.
Flag of Norway.png This user is of Norwegian ancestry.
Flag of Ireland.png This user is of Irish ancestry.
Flag of Scotland.jpg This user is of Scottish ancestry.

Indexing[edit | edit source]

FamilySearch Indexing icon.png This user likes to index records.

Research Wiki[edit | edit source]

DNA - Ancestry[edit | edit source]

DNA Double Helix.png
This user has
70% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe DNA
tested by AncestryDNA
DNA Double Helix.png
This user has
15% Norway DNA
tested by AncestryDNA
DNA Double Helix.png
This user has
15% Ireland and Scotland DNA
tested by AncestryDNA