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Hi I'm Pat...

I was born and reared in Ancon, Panama. In 2014, after having been gone from Panama since 1972, I was able to visit the Panama Temple to do an endowment session. As I came out of the temple I told the cab driver to follow new directions. These directions that I gave him would take us to my old home in Los Rios (the Panama Temple is in the Los Rios district). Prior to late 50's I lived close to where the temple now stands. After many, many years (40 plus), I was surprised that I knew how to get to my old home. I became a convert to the church in 1978 at the age of 30. So it was surprising that the Lord took me to my old house to complete MY circle of life! The Lord knew I needed to be converted to the right Church for a long time before I knew it (Ha, Ha)!!!!

Currently, I live in Utah. I moved back after my retirement in April of 2012. I have three grandsons who keep me "way to busy" with their lives. I truly love being with the "small wonders" that were sent to me.

I still teach human resource management/labor relations part-time at the university level. I spent 44 years as an HR professional in universities and private sector companies, thus dealing with a multitude of human being complexities and conflict resolution issues. These situations allow be to understand people and their points of view. From these experiences, I realize how the lack of Christ in their lives truly affect their destiny and decisions.

I am so blessed to be a part of this Church and all the revealed wonders. Without a doubt, I truly believe in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the the restoration of the gospel. And, I have a very strong testimony that Joseph Smith was the perfect man to restore the gospel in this dispensation of time. No doubt whatsoever!!!