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Born Darlene Smith of Scottish-English Mormon Pioneer heritage.  (My great Grandfather and my great-great Grandfather and Grandmother came with the Martin Handcart Co. to Utah in 1856.)  Born and raised

in Alpine and American Fork, Utah.   In my high school yearbook they predicted I would be the mother of 5 and that I had aspirations to be a lady of leisure. ( How does that work?)

As I look back on how my life unfolded, I certainly don't think I have been a lady of leisure.  I did however have 5 wonderful children and then raised 8 more from the marriage to my second husband.  I have been a mother to 13, a grandmother to 43, and now have 24 great grandchildren.

I have served in the church in most all organizations and have been a life long visiting teacher.  I worked in the St. George Temple as an ordinance worker.

I have always been interested in Family History and have collected and preserved many of my ancestor's personal histories.  I have mostly spent time researching family lines in Scotland and England.

My husband died in 2010 and I moved from St. George to Salt Lake City to be closer to my children. 

My husband poor health had kept us from serving a mission, but now  find that I am able to do so. 

What a blessing!

I am so happy and excited to see what the Lord has in store for me in this next chapter of my life.