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Delvin Bunton

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Delvin Bunton

I live in SW Washington State and am just getting started with Wiki edits. I think the work will be interesting and I've already seen some areas in county pages near where I live that I hope to enhance soon. Starting slowly so I get things done right the first time.

I've been researching my family and helping others for over 40 years, and hope to continue learning as I read the Wiki pages. I have done some professional genealogical research recently, and found the work quite interesting. I research extensively with US and Canadian census records, and find them rich and amazing most of the time.

I received a BS in Forest Management from Humboldt State University and work for a federal land management agency. I build complex database queries and reports so others can use the data they enter into our natural resource databases. Several years ago I took all the classwork for a Masters in Geography but was unable to complete the thesis during the time before my classes timed out (work and life intruded). I earned a Certificate in GIS from Portland State University for my efforts, and gained considerable knowledge that helps me in my work. That was the primary reason for the classes in the first place. Certificates to hang on the wall are nice, but the knowledge and skills is even better and more usable.

I am also active as a Boy Scout merit badge counselor, avid amateur (ham) radio operator, and past sports official.