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Project Leader

Virginia Pratt


Add history section and update old information to Puerto Rico municipality pages.

Task List

Puerto Rico Municipality Update Task List


Step One

  • Open Task List, select a municipality by putting your name in the "Name" column.
  • Click on the municipality link, which takes you to the FamilySearch Wiki page for that municipality.
  • In a separate window, open Wikipedia Main Page
  • Search for the location.
Puerto Rico Municipality Page Before.png

Wiki main page search.png

Step Two: Extract Historical Information

  • From the introduction and the history section (and other sections if need be) of Wikipedia, find the following type of information:
    • The date the original area was founded.
    • The date the location was created.
    • What jurisdiction it belonged to at different periods of time.
    • See if there was any historically significant events (fires, earthquakes, battles) that may have damaged genealogical records.
  • Rephrase the historical information whenever possible so we are not directly copying Wikipedia.
  • The histories should be written in paragraph form, with each piece of information you find in a sentence.
  • The last sentence should give the population of the province. The basic format is provided in the examples below.
    • Fill in the population number, (usually stated in the sidebar), rounded to the hundred.

Add History Section

  • Return to the municipality page on the FamilySearch Wiki.
  • Click "edit source" at top of page
  • Type History heading under table of contents. The code should look like this when you are done:
=== History ===
  • Type in the history you are creating from Wikipedia.
  • Select "Show Preview" at the bottom of the page and check to make sure it looks the way you want it to.

History Examples:
Before the Spanish settlers founded, Yauco, the Taíno (the indigenous people of the Caribbean) inhabited the area for hundreds of years. The Yauco area was the capital of what is now modern day Puerto Rico and was governed by the most powerful chief on the island. In 1756, after the Spanish settlers built a place of worship satisfying one of the Spanish Government's requirements to establish a municipality, the Spanish Government granted the settlement of the town of Yauco. Starting in the 19th century and going into the early 20th century, hundreds of families emigrated from Corsica, most of them settling in the Yauco area. These immigrants were instrumental in further developing the economy of Puerto Rico, especially the coffee industry. Immigrants also came from Italy, France, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, and Germany.
Yauco population is approximately 46,384. [1]

Step Three: Format Citation

Citation Template:

<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "ARTICLE NAME," ''Wikipedia, The Free Encylopedia'', URL, accessed ACCESSDATE.</ref>
  • The Author and Repository I have put into this template.
  • Copy the name of the wikipedia article into "ARTICLE NAME" (make sure to keeP quotation marks around the article name)
  • Copy the wikipedia article's url into "URL"
  • Write the current date in place of "ACCESSDATE"

Example: see the citation example for the history of Yauco on this page.

Step Four: Remove Bold

  • Under Online Records section search for the words "incomplete" that are bolded.
  • Remove the marks from around the words to unbold them.
     ''' '''

Step Five: Fix Census Links

  • Under Census Record section delete anything written there.

There should only be this sentence: Be sure to search the 1910, 1920, 1930, and 1940 census records for information about your Puerto Rican ancestors you were there during that time period. For links to census records, see census links.

  • Replace with this sentence:
Search the 1910, 1920, 1930, and 1940 census records for information about your Puerto Rican ancestors who were there during that time period. Click here to go to the [|Puerto Rico Census Page]
  • Add code underneath the census records sentence:
<references /> 

Step Six: Preview, Summary, and Save

Once everything is completed:

  • Press the "Show preview" button at the bottom of the page.
  • Look over the page, making sure everything looks correct.
  • In the summary box type in, "Updating PR municipality page"
  • Press "Save changes"
  • On the Task List input the date you completed the page.
  • Move to the next municipality.

Finished page should look like this:

Puerto Rico Municipality Page After.png


  1. Wikipedia Collaborators, "Yauco, Puerto Rico," in Wikipedia: The free encyclopedia,,_Puerto_Rico. Visited October 27, 2020