Joined 22 August 2010

Jim Heddell

  • Founder and owner of Genealogists.com, a full-featured family history research firm with over 350 professional researchers around the world in over 700 archives
  • Full-time professional researcher with over 30 years of experience primarily in European and North American family history.
  • Worked with FamilySearch, ProGen, and Ancestry.com as a researcher and consultant.
  • Member of Association of Professional Genealogists.
  • Writer, editor, and teacher.
  • Completed hundreds of successful projects. Tireless researcher who truly enjoys helping people find the missing links to their family legacies. My work is thorough, correct, concise, and easy to read and understand.
  • Bachelor's degree in Journalism (French minor). Studied German, Spanish, and Family History. Read, translate, and transcribe French with easy access to several other languages, including German (wife), and Portuguese (son and Brazilian daughter-in-law).
  • Co-authored a book, with over 2,000 copies sold in first 30 days.
  • Established 3 research departments from scratch, producing over $2 million in revenue. Implemented 4 knowledge management systems saving $1 million for handling research inquiries.
  • Created, marketed, and managed the Corporate Image Database (CIDB) for providing records and images to over 15,000 users.
  • Member of Global Alliance of Genealogy Professionals

Archives & Libraries

  • Over 700+ archives and locations around the world

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E-mail: Research@Genealogists.com

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