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Wilma Svedin Larson, AG
[edit | edit source]

Wilma was born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley.  Wilma's grandmother and mother instilled in her a love of doing Swedish genealogy at a very early age.  After serving an LDS mission in Sweden for two years, she decided to change her major to Scandinavian research.  Wilma is currently working at the Family History Library as a Scandinavian Research Consultant. 

Education[edit | edit source]

Bachelor of Science degree in Genealogy Technology, Brigham Young University, 1972 -- emphasis in Scandinavian research and with a minor in the Swedish language.

Credentials[edit | edit source]

Wilma has been an accredited Swedish researcher with ICAPGEN since 2007.

Experience[edit | edit source]

  • Flexowriter operator for 2 years for the Genealogical Society (now the Family History Department)
  • Supervisor of Scandinavian research for 2 years at the Brigham Young University Genealogical Research Center
  • Private Swedish researcher for 15 years.