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*''DISTRICT'' 1 Suffolk, Queens, Richmond
*''DISTRICT'' 1 Suffolk, Queens, Richmond
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Words for family members and other relatives in Māori (Te Reo Māori), a Polynesian language spoken in New Zealand.
Words for family members and other relatives in Māori (Te Reo Māori), a Polynesian language spoken in New Zealand.
Māori (Te Reo Māori)
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| style="border:1px solid black; width: 35px"|''''English Meaning'''
| colspan="2" style="border:1px solid black; text-align:center" |'''Māori (Te Reo Māori) Language'''
| style="border:1px solid black; width: 100px"|'''Māori (Te Reo Māori) Word'''
| style="border:1px solid black; width: 35px"|'''English Meaning'''
| style="border:1px solid black; width: 100px"|''Māori (Te Reo Māori) Meaning''
| style="border:1px solid black"|family
| style="border:1px solid black"|family

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  • DISTRICT 1 Suffolk, Queens, Richmond
  • DISTRICT 2 Brooklyn (Wards 6,8-10, 12, 14, 16-18)
  • Towns Flatbush, Flatland, Gravesend, New Lots, New Utrecht in kings
  • DISTRICT 3 Brooklyn of Kings (Wards 1-5,7,11,15,19)
  • DISTRICT 4 New York City (Wards 3,5-6,8,)
  • DISTRICT 5 New York City (Wards 7,10,13-14)
  • DISTRICT 6 New York City (Wards 9,15-16)
  • DISTRICT 7 New York City (Wards 11,17)
  • DISTRICT 8 New York City (Wards 18,20-21)
  • DISTRICT 9 New York City (Wards 12,19,22) + Blackwells, Ward's,Randall's Island
  • DISTRICT 10 Westchester, Rockland, Putnam
  • DISTRICT 11 Orange Sullivan
  • DISTRICT 12 Dutchess, Columbia
  • DISTRICT 13 Ulster, Greene
  • DISTRICT 14 Albany, Schoharie
  • DISTRICT 15 Rensselaer, Washington
  • DISTRICT 16 Warren, Essex, Clinton
  • DISTRICT 17 St. Lawrence, Franklin
  • DISTRICT 18 Fulton, Hamilton, Montgomery, Saratoga, Schenectady
  • DISTRICT 19 Delaware, Otsego, chenango,
  • DISTRICT 20 Jefferson, Lewis, Herkimer
  • DISTRICT' 21 Oneida
  • DISTRICT 22 Madison, Oswego
  • DISTRICT 23 Onondago, Cortland
  • DISTRICT 24 Cayugo, Wayne, Seneca
  • DISTRICT 25 Ontario, Livingston Yates
  • DISTRICT 26 Tioga, Tompkins Broome, Schyler
  • DISTRICT 27 Chemung, Steuben, Allegany
  • DISTRICT 28 Monroe, Orleans
  • DISTRICT 29 Genesee, Niagarga, Whyoming
  • DISTRICT 30 Erie
  • DISTRICT 31 Chautauqua, Cattaraugus
  • DISTRICT 32 New York City (Wards 1-2,4) + Covernors Island

Family words in Māori Words for family members and other relatives in Māori (Te Reo Māori), a Polynesian language spoken in New Zealand.

Māori (Te Reo Māori) Language
English Meaning Māori (Te Reo Māori) Meaning
  • whāmere (family, household)
  • whānau (extended family)
  • ngare (family, kin, blood relatives, relations)
parents mātua, (sg. matua)
father matua, matua tāne, pāpara
mother kowhaea, kōkā, māmā, whaea, whaene
child(ren) taitamaiti, tamaiti
son tama
daughter tamāhine, tamawahine
husband hoa tāne, tāne, tahu, tau
wife wahine
sibling hāmua (older)
  • kauaemua (older/eldest brother/sister)
  • teina, taina (older brother of a male)
  • taina (younger brother of a male)
  • tungāne (brother of a female)
  • parata
  • kauaemua (older/eldest brother/sister)
  • tuākana (older sister of a female)
  • teina, taina (younger sister of a female)
  • kaikuahine (sister of a male)
uncle matua, matua tāne, matakēkē
aunt whaea, whaene, kōkā, matakēkē
  • kaihana, parata
  • (female cousin of a male)
  • tungāne (male cousin of a female)
  • epeepe, matamatahuānga (distant cousin/relative)
nephew tama, irāmutu, tamaiti whakaangi
niece irāmutu, tamaiti whakaangi
grandparents tīpuna, tūpuna
grandfather tupuna tāne, tipuna tāne
grandmother tipuna wahine, tupuna wahine, tāua
grandchild mokopuna, moko
  • father-in-law
  • mother-in-law
hūngoi, hungawai, hungarei
  • son-in-law
  • daughter-in-law
hinaonga, hunōnga
foster father matua whangai
foster mother whaea whāngai
  • step-father
  • step-mother

Family Words

Sound of letters and vowels click on to hear/more sounds on next page Click on the boxes to hear the pronunciation of the Māori alphabet – short and long vowels, and consonants – and of a number of words ...

new alphabet has 11 Consonants

Alphabet song

some word list in 5 languages

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Word list for New Zealand

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Useful phrases

international Key board

Diphthongs- meaning a sound formed by the combination of two vowels in a single syllable, in which the sound begins as one vowel and moves toward another

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