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Abraham Lincoln instituted the income tax in 1862, and on July 1, 1862, Congress passed the Internal Revenue Act, creating the Bureau of Internal Revenue (later renamed to the Internal Revenue Service). This act was intended to “provide Internal Revenue to support the Government and to pay interest on the Public Debt.” Instituted in the height of the Civil War, the “Public Debt” at the time primarily consisted of war expenses. For the Southern States that were part of the Confederate side of the Civil War, once Union troops took over parts of the Southern States, income tax were instituted on them. [1]

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What history has shown us is that while property taxes are locally levied, there is significant state involvement with the amount of tax local political subdivisions can levy, how property assessments are conducted, and what services local taxing subdivisions must provide for their residents. This comes at a cost to state taxpayers, because the state has obligations it must fund as well, with a limited amount of state tax dollars.

  • 1862-1866 Internal revenue assessment lists were created into divisions called Districts, each county is put into a district. County names are arranged alphabetically within the division and then within months. The following is a list of counties placed in which district. (knowing the district and county your ancestor lived in will make searching this years taxes list a little faster)
    (scroll down to district desired and click on camera to open)

U.S. Internal Revenue Assessment Lists. Three types of Reports: A=Annual; M=Monthly; S=Special Years and Reports may be different.

  • DISTRICT 1 Suffolk, Queens, Richmond
  • DISTRICT 2 Brooklyn (Wards 6,8-10, 12, 14, 16-18)
  • Towns Flatbush, Flatland, GravesendNew Lots, New Utrecht in kings
  • DISTRICT 3 Brooklyn of Kings (Wards 1-5,7,11,15,19)
  • DISTRICT 4 New York City (Wards 3,5-6,8,)
  • DISTRICT 5 New York City (Wards 7,10,13-14)
  • DISTRICT 6 New York City (Wards 9,15-16)
  • DISTRICT 7 New York City (Wards 11,17)
  • DISTRICT 8 New York City (Wards 18,20-21)
  • DISTRICT 9 New York City (Wards 12,19,22) + Blackwells, Ward's,Randall's Island
  • DISTRICT 10 Westchester, Rockland, Putnam
  • DISTRICT 11 Orange Sullivan
  • DISTRICT 12 Dutchess, Columbia
  • DISTRICT 13 Ulster, Greene
  • DISTRICT 14 Albany, Schoharie
  • DISTRICT 15 Rensselaer, Washington
  • DISTRICT 16 Warren, Essex, Clinton
  • DISTRICT 17 St. Lawrence, Franklin
  • DISTRICT 18 Fulton, Hamilton, Montgomery, Saratoga, Schenectady
  • DISTRICT 19 Delaware, Otsego, chenango,
  • DISTRICT 20 Jefferson, Lewis, Herkimer
  • DISTRICT' 21 Oneida
  • DISTRICT 22 Madison, Oswego
  • DISTRICT 23 Onondago, Cortland
  • DISTRICT 24 Cayugo, Wayne, Seneca
  • DISTRICT 25 Ontario, Livingston Yates
  • DISTRICT 26 Tioga, Tompkins Broome, Schyler
  • DISTRICT 27 Chemung, Steuben, Allegany
  • DISTRICT 28 Monroe, Orleans
  • DISTRICT 29 Genesee, Niagarga, Whyoming
  • DISTRICT 30 Erie
  • DISTRICT 31 Chautauqua, Cattaraugus
  • DISTRICT 32 New York City (Wards 1-2,4) + Covernors Island

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