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Wiki Main Page (mockup page)
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This hub can take you in several different directions depending on your interests

In addition to utilizing the wiki for research there are links provided which give background information on the Wiki Support group and the history of this wiki.

If you are new to wiki this page will show you how to get the most out of the wiki by knowing how to navigate and find what you need. Other than being knowledgeable about navigating the wiki any of the articles can be access in any order. Obviously learning or knowing editing techniques is useful prior to creating or expanding articles but the two can be done simultaneously..

The sidebar at the right contains several links demonstrating the various levels of involvement you could entertain. These range from fixing errors you happen to see and helping with team efforts all the way up to becoming an official member of the wiki community.

This hub page is designed to provide a quick access point to a variety of topics which are useful to those new to the wiki as well as the seasoned veterans who want a refresher course or are just trying to locate previously viewed information.

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