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LINKS[edit | edit source]

  • [1] Taunton took over the status of the county town of somerset in about 1366.
  • Axbridge the name is suggested to come from a bridge over the river Ax. This was named in about the 9th century.
  • Church [2] records are the main source for identifying people prior to 1837 when civil registration began. It is also a main source after 1837 in conjunction with civil registration. The Church of England was formed in 1536, after King Henry VIII severed all ties to the church in Rome. Each local parish was responsible to register all marriages, baptisms and burials starting in 1538.
  • In 1692 the British government instituted another innovative scheme to increase revenue which came to be known as the [3] land tax
  • The [4]Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834 placed the responsibility for the care of the poor in England and Wales, from 1834 onward, on Poor Law Unions. The Poor Law Unions and their workhouses took over this responsibility from the Church of England parishes. Prior to 1834 a few parishes or collections of parishes had established a few workhouses to help relieve the poor and provide indoor relief in the form of food, clothes and shelter.

References[edit | edit source]

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