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Bio[edit | edit source]

Hi, I'm Heather Kushion and I've been researching my family history since 2006, building upon my father's research and that of my immediate family. I have since come to use the resources of FamilySearch and Ancestry extensively and have public family trees on both.

I have a habit of going through and cleaning up family trees, especially for people related or in a community I'm researching and would be more than happy to help others with their research, especially in the Saginaw County, Michigan area.

My research is focused on:

  • MIchigan
  • Stark and Wayne Counties, Ohio
  • Essex County, Massachusetts
  • Oswego County, New York
  • Ruda Kalmerana, Kraków, Poland
  • Yorkshire, England
  • Counties Tyrone, Galway, & Meath, Ireland
  • Bremen, Berlin, and Brandenburg, Germany
  • Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Quebec, Canada