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Bryan: The changes I make to mapmenu.js in the Spanish beta are not showing up on the Spanish beta main page They have very slow in the past weeks but have spotted all together. Thanks. Charles.

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Hi Bryan!!!

Test for calendar (RivertonFamilyReunions)

Use the following:

  • {{#Widget:ScheduleOnce Calendar - RivertonFamilyReunions}}
  • {{#Widget:ScheduleOnce Button - RivertonFamilyReunions}}




Wikitext Entered Displayed Redirect Notes
[[Alabama Guided Research|Alabama]] Alabama Yes Correct
[[GuidedResearch:Alabama|Alabama]] Alabama Guided Research No Incorrect
[[GuidedResearch:Alabama|Alabama ]] Alabama Guided Research No Adding a space to the end works


Test for searchbar

Image upload

1910 Minnesota census (red).png