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Fellow Wiki Missionaries,

Reading the paragraphs below, it occurs to me that I need to make some additions to my background information. Since that time, I have been an Indexing Support Missionary (requiring many hours of indexing and arbitration), an Italian Ancestors' Project Missionary (I taught members and the public to index Italian records) and an Account Management Missionary (I offered support to SIDs in Colorado. This was a short mission due to time constraints on the home front). I transferred to the FamilySearch Wiki Mission in May.

I now have 18 grandchildren and one on the way. We live in an RV full time and travel across the US to visit our children and see the sights.

Sister Terrie Thomas

Hello Fellow Wiki contributors,

I have not indexed very many batches at this point; however, I was an extractor and arbitrator for many years. It was suggested that I become an arbitrator due to my background. I enjoy arbitration and indexing very much. I especially like to research the cities and towns not included in the lookup list. I know it is not a complete list due to changes in county boundaries, city and county name changes, etc.

My only frustration with the indexing and arbitration process is having to enter the towns or cities recorded that I cannot find anywhere in my research. I do not include them in the wiki list, of course, because they are probably incorrect and it is not a good sign when you cannot find them anywhere (just a bit of humor here).

I also love Family History research although I still feel like a novice even though I was a World Wide FamilySearch Support Missionary Leader. I really loved my time as a missionary and I really miss it. I had to ask to be released because of family issues at the time. Working in indexing and arbitration has helped to counter the disappointment of no longer being a missionary.

I love this work.

After reading Darlene's user page, I realized I needed to add some more details about myself. I was born Terrie Workman in SLC, Utah. My ancestors lived in Nauvoo and came across the plains with the Saints. There is a story that my great great grandfather Jacob Lindsay Workman wrestled with the Prophet when they lived in Nauvoo. Quite a few of my ancestors settled in Vernal. The lot for the Uintah Stake Tabernacle, now the Vernal Utah temple, was donated by my great grandfather Jacob Reader Workman. 

I raised 6 wonderful children mainly in Mesa Arizona and Issaquah Washington; however, the 15 beautiful grandchildren they gave me are so much easier because I don't have to raise them I just get to love them. My husband and I have had the opportunity to travel and dive in some fascinating places. The most memorable was diving in the Red Sea on a British World War II munitions carrier, the Thistlegorm, just off the coast near Sharm el Sheikh Egypt. Visiting Egypt, Jordan and Israel was a dream come true and I am so thankful we got to experience the Near East before all the upheaval. We are now looking forward to going on a mission in a few years. 

Terrie Thomas