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  • If you want to see how many times the page has been changed, you click on diff.
  • In the following circumstances indicate whether you would (A) mark the article patrolled, (B) contact the user and follow-up, (C) post the article in Wiki 911, or (D) remove the changes myself. Note: There may be more than one correct answer.
1. The contributor made one edit and entered a link to a cosmetics site. (B:contact the user and follow-up, (D) remove the changes myself (optional), and A:mark the article patrolled)
2. The contributor added a good link but formatted it incorrectly and it is garbled. (B:contact the user and follow-up, A:mark the article patrolled))
3. A new contributor made 4 inappropriate edits in one day. (C:post the article in Wiki 911)