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Utah, Juab County Records,1847-1948
This article describes a collection of records at
Juab, Utah, 
United States
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Location of Juab County, Utah
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Record Description
Record Type County
Collection years 1847-1948
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Juab County Recorder. Juab County Courthouse, Nephi, Utah

What Is in This Collection?

The collection consists of images to land and probate records located at the Juab County Courthouse in Nephi for the years 1847 to 1948. This collection is being published as images become available.

County officials began keeping records from the time the county was formed or shortly thereafter. Each type of record within the county was created for a different purpose, but most were created to keep track of the vital events happening in the lives of the citizens and to safeguard their legal interests as well as those of their heirs. The records are generally reliable, but may not contain complete information.

Image Visibility

Whenever possible FamilySearch makes images and indexes available for all users. However, rights to view these data are limited by contract and subject to change. Because of this there may be limitations on where and how images and indexes are available or who can see them. Please be aware some collections consist only of partial information indexed from the records and do not contain any images. For additional information about image restrictions see Restrictions for Viewing Images in FamilySearch Historical Record Collections.

To Browse This Collection

You can browse through images in this collection using the waypoints on the Collection Browse Page for Utah, Juab County Records,1847-1948.

What Can These Records Tell Me?

The following information may be found in these records:

  • Name of testator or deceased
  • Names of interested parties and witnesses
  • Event year
  • Event place
  • Names of family members such as spouse, children, and other relatives or friends
  • Document and recording dates (Sometimes the date of death will be given. Recording dates are also used to approximate event dates, i.e. a letter of administration was usually written shortly after the time of death.)
  • Date of transaction
  • Legal description of the property
  • Monies exchanged
  • Details of the transaction

Collection Content

Sample Images

coverage Table

Record Record Types Year
Land and property Abstract of lands 1878-1920
Land and property Abstract of lots 1878-1922
Land and property Abstract of mining claims 1870-1918
Land and property Abstract of title 1902-1920
Land and property Abstract of town lots 1868-1918
Land and property Certificate register 1893-1909
Land and property Chattel mortgages 1895-1910
Land and property Deed index (general) 1881-1890
Land and property Deed index (grantee) 1889-1925
Land and property Deed index (grantor) 1888-1925
Land and property Deeds 1897-1922
Land and property Land patents 1881-1922
Land and property Mechanics' liens, official bonds 1886-1907
Land and property Mining abstract index 1870-2000
Land and property Mining claim index 1870-1930
Land and property Mining claims register 1870-1910
Land and property Mining patents 1902-1914
Land and property Mining records 1889-1919
Land and property Misc 1901-1948
Land and property Mortgages, Nephi irrigation 1884-1913
Land and property Mortgages, townsite land claims 1869-1870
Land and property Mortgages townsite lots 1871-1892
Land and property Mortgages 1880-1942
Land and property Mortgages, water and land claims 1864-1869
Land and property Official bonds and mechanics liens 1907-1930
Land and property Powers of attorney 1891-1913
Land and property Proofs of labor 1909-1919
Land and property Water claims 1887-1916
Probate Wills 1861-1888

How Do I Search This Collection?

Before searching this collection, it is helpful to know:

  • Name of the person
  • The name of a parent or date of the event

Search the Index

This collection does not have a searchable index. Only images are available. See View the Images to access them.

View the Images

View images in this collection by visiting the Browse Page:

  1. Select Record Category
  2. Select Record Type, Record Description to view the images.

How Do I Analyze the Results?

Compare each result from your search with what you know to determine if there is a match. This may require viewing multiple records or images. Keep track of your research in a research log.

What Do I Do Next?

I Found the Person I Was Looking For, What Now?

  • Add any new information to your records
  • Use a Probate record to identify adoptions, guardians, heirs and relatives
  • Use a probate record to approximate a death date, then find a death certificate
  • For earlier years, use the probate record to substitute for civil birth and death records
  • Use the information found in the record to find church and vital records such as birth, baptism and marriage records
  • Use the information found in the record to find immigration and land records
  • Use the information found in the record to find additional family members in censuses
  • Church Records were kept years before counties began keeping records. They are a good source for finding ancestors before 1900

I Can't Find the Person I'm Looking For, What Now?

  • Consult the Utah Record Finder to find other records
  • If your ancestor does not have a common name, collect entries for every person who has the same surname. This list can help you find possible relatives
  • If you cannot locate your ancestor in the locality in which you believe they lived, then try searching records of a nearby town or county
  • Try different spellings of your ancestor’s name
  • Remember that sometimes individuals went by nicknames or alternated between using first and middle names. Try searching for these names as well
  • Check the info box above for additional FamilySearch websites and related websites that may assist you in finding similar records

Research Helps

The following articles will help you in your research for your family in the state of Utah.

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Citing This Collection

Citations help you keep track of places you have searched and sources you have found. Identifying your sources helps others find the records you used.

Collection Citation:
The citation for this collection can be found on the Collection Details Page in the section Citing this Collection.
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When looking at an image, the citation is found on the Information tab at the bottom left of the screen.