Wyman Township, Maine

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United States Genealogy Gotoarrow.png Maine, United States Genealogy Gotoarrow.png Franklin Gotoarrow.png Wyman Township

Wyman Township was once part of Jackson Plantation shown in red overlaid on this map of modern Franklin County.

What is now Wyman Township was part of Bloomfield Plantation prior to 1845.[1] Then it became part of Jackson Plantation in 1845. Part of Jackson Plantation (Eustis) seceded in 1857.[2] It is unclear if what is now Wyman became a separate unorganized territory (township) in 1866 at the creation of Coplin Plantation, or if Wyman remained part of Jackson Plantation until Jackson's remains were reorganized as Lang Plantation in 1895.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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