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Guide to York County ancestry, family history and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and military records.

History[edit | edit source]

York County is a historic county in Upper Canada, Canada West, and the Canadian province of Ontario.

York County was created on 16 June 1792[1] and was part of the jurisdiction of the Home District of Upper Canada. It originally comprised all of what is now the regional municipalities of York, Peel, and Halton, and the city of Toronto, as well as parts of Durham Regional Municipality and the city of Hamilton. Toronto was the county seat.

In 1816, Wentworth and Halton counties were created from York County. In 1851, Ontario and Peel counties were separated from York.

In 1953, the city of Toronto; the towns of New Toronto, Mimico, Weston, and Leaside; the villages of Long Branch, Swansea, and Forest Hill; and the townships of Etobicoke, York, North York, East York, and Scarborough seceded from York County to form Metropolitan Toronto. The county office was moved to Newmarket from Toronto. The Adelaide Street Court House and the Old City Hall remain from buildings used by York County during this time period.

In 1971, the remaining portion of York County was replaced by the York Regional Municipality.

Civil Registration[edit | edit source]

Birth[edit | edit source]

Marriage[edit | edit source]

Death[edit | edit source]

Writing for a More Recent Birth, Marriage, or Death Record[edit | edit source]

  • ServiceOntario, Birth Records is the only government-authorized source for obtaining birth certificates. Go to the section entitled "Order a Birth Search". This is the most economical, searches the widest time period, and allows searches for people not immediately related. A letter of information is provided rather than a certificate.
  • ServiceOntario, Marriage Records offers a marriage search option and a historical certificate option.
  • ServiceOntario, Death Records offers a death search option and a historical certificate option. Also official death certificates are available to a wider range of relatives than birth and marriage certificates.

FamilySearch Library Microfilmed Records[edit | edit source]

Some of the church/civil records have been microfilmed by FamilySearch.These microfilms may be viewed at the Family History Library or some family history centers. To find a microfilm:

a. Click on records for Canada, Ontario, York County. You will see a list of available records for the county.
b. You will also see above the list the link Places within Canada, Ontario, York County. This will take you to a list of towns in the counties, which are links to records for the specific town.
c. Click on any topic. Click on the blue links to specific record titles.
d. Some combination of these icons will appear at the far right of the microfilm listed for the record. FHL icons.png. The magnifying glass indicates that the microfilm is indexed. Clicking on the magnifying glass will take you to the index. Clicking on the camera will take you to an online digital copy of the microfilm.

Census Records[edit | edit source]

Year Census Links


Ontario and Nova Scotia Census, 1800-1842

Ancestry $


Canada Census, 1851

Archives of Canada
Ancestry $


Census of Canada, 1861

Archives of Canada
Ancestry $


Census of Canada, 1871

Archives of Canada
Ancestry $


Census of Canada, 1881

Archives of Canada
Ancestry $


Census of Canada, 1891

Archives of Canada
Ancestry $


Census of Canada, 1901

Archives of Canada
Ancestry.com $


Census of Canada, 1911

Archives of Canada
Ancestry $


Census of Canada, 1921

Ancestry $

Church Records[edit | edit source]

Church records can include baptisms, marriages, burials, membership lists, financial business, and other records for a particular congregation. They may be available online or on microfilm, but frequently they are still with the local church or in centralized archives by religion. The Canadian census records asked for the religion of those listed, so you will be able to narrow down which archives to consult. For help with writing a letter requesting copies of records, see Letter Writing Guide for Genealogy.

Online Church Records[edit | edit source]

These records are incomplete.


Cemetery Records[edit | edit source]

See, Ontario Cemeteries for information on cemetery record collections not yet digitized, but available in published sources and on microfilm.

Online Cemetery Records[edit | edit source]

Maps[edit | edit source]

Goad's Atlas of Toronto 1884-1924.  Map of your ancestor's home in relationship to the city of Toronto. 
Historic Maps of Toronto
Fort York and Garrison Maps

Read more about Ontario Maps.

Probate Records[edit | edit source]

From 1793 to 1858, two court systems worked side-by-side to handle estate matters in Ontario. The Court of Probate was the superior court and had jurisdiction over estates with real property in more than one District or county. Most York County estate matters were handled locally by the Home District Surrogate Court (until 1849) or the York County Surrogate Court (from 1850 to 1858). Name indexes for the Court of Probate and the Surrogate courts (pre-1859) are available online on the Archives of Ontario's interloan pages. The estate files are available on microfilm from the Archives of Ontario or through the Family History Library. The previously mentioned name index refers to Archives of Ontario film numbers. You'll find a conversion list to GSU film numbers on the Archives' interloan pages.

In 1859, the Court of Probate was abolished, and all estates were handled by the York County Surrogate Court. Semi-alphabetical name indexes (created by the court) and the estate files are available on microfilm at the Archives of Ontario up to 1967. (Many are also available through the Family History Library.) Estate files older than 40 years are also held at the Archives of Ontario. Order a day or two in advance so they can be retrieved from offsite storage. More recent estate files can be obtained from the courthouse for a fee. See the Archives of Ontario's finding aids for current addresses and instructions.

For more information, see Inheritance in Ontario: Wills and Other Records for Family Historians

Taxation Records[edit | edit source]

Assessment rolls for Toronto, from its incorporation in 1834 to 1899, are available at the Family History Library. More recent years are available at the City of Toronto Archives.

A searchable version of the 1853 assessment rolls of the City of Toronto are available in Toronto in the 1850s : a transcription of the 1853 tax assessment rolls and guide to family history research.

Toronto House of Industry[edit | edit source]

Populated Places Table[edit | edit source]

1 2 3 4 5


FORMER NAME, if applicable TYPE



 Agincourt       Link   Link
 Armadale        Link   Link
 Armitage        Link    Link
 Aurora        Link   Link
 Baldwin       Link     Link
 Bendale       Link     Link
 Bethesda       Link   Link
 Box Grove        Link      Link
 Brockton        Link     Link
 Buttonville        Link   Link
 Carrville          Link     Link
 Cashel       Link   Link
 Cedar Grove          Link   Link
 Churchill         Link     Link
 Concord       Link     Link 
 Davisville       Link   Link
 Don Mills        Link    Link
 East Gwillimbury    Township    Link    Link
 East Toronto       Link   Link
 East York    Township    Link    Link
 Edgeley        Link    Link
 Eglinton         Link   Link
 Elder Mills        Link   Link
 Elgin Mills        Link    Link
 Etobicoke   Township    Link   Link
 Eversley       Link    Link
 Fisherville       Link     Link
 Forest Hill        Link   Link
 Georgina        Link    Link
 Georgina     Township   Link    Link
 Hagerman Corners       Link   Link
 Hammertown        Link    Link
 Headford        Link    Link
 Holland Landing        Link   Link
 Holt       Link    Link
 Hope       Link   Link
 Humber Summit        Link   Link
 Humbervale        Link    Link
 Islington        Link     Link
 Jacksons Point        Link   Link
 Jefferson          Link    Link  
 Keswick         Link   Link
 Kettleby         Link   Link
 King City          Link     Link
 King    Township    Link     Link
 Kinghorn       Link   Link
 Kleinburg        Link    Link
 Langstaff        Link    Link
 Laskay       Link   Link
 Lemonville       Link    Link
 Linton       Link    Link
 Lloydtown       Link  Link
 Malvern        Link    Link
 Maple       Link    Link
 Markham       Link   Link
 Markham   Township    Link    Link
 Milliken       Link    Link
 Mimico       Link   Link
 Mongolia       Link    Link
 Mount Joy        Link    Link
 Mount Pleasant        Link   Link
 Nashville        Link    Link
 Newmarket          Link    Link
 Nobleton       Link   Link
 North Gwillimbury      Township    Link    Link
 North Toronto       Link    Link
 North York    Township    Link   Link
 Parkdale       Link    Link
 Pefferlaw       Link     Link
 Pine Orchard        Link   Link
 Purpleville       Link    Link
 Quantztown        Link    Link
 Queensville        Link   Link
 Ravenshoe         Link    Link
 Rexdale       Link    Link
 Richmond Hill        Link   Link
 Ringwood       Link     Link
 Roches Point        Link    Link
 Scarborough       Link   Link
 Scarborough Junction        Link    Link
 Scarborough   Township    Link    Link
 Schomberg       Link  Link
 Sharon       Link    Link
 Sherwood        Link    Link
 Stouffville        Link   Link
 Strange        Link    Link
 Sutton        Link    Link
 Swansea        Link  Link
 Temperanceville       Link    Link
 Thistletown       Link   Link
 Thornhill         Link  Link
 Toronto       Link    Link
 Unionville          Link    Link 
 Vandorf         Link  Link
 Vaughan     Township    Link    Link
 Victoria Square        Link    Link
 Vinegar Hill        Link   Link
 Virginia        Link   Link
 Wesley Corners        Link    Link
 West Hill        Link   Link

Websites[edit | edit source]

The Forebears website will give you an extensive list of websites that could have information for people who lived in this county. Some sites cover just the county, some cover all of Ontario, and some cover all of Canada. Some sites are databases of names and facts about people; other sites cover background information such as maps, history, geography, or genealogy strategies and methods for the region.