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Zambia Archives and Libraries

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The British National Archives have references to some records relating to Northern Rhodesia, including papers related to the missionary and explorer David Livingstone and James Young, a chemist.

Livingstone Museum in Zambia has artifacts relating to David Livingstone, including personal papers.

The National Archives website used to be at Their offices are on Government Road, Ridgeway, Lusaka, next to the post office.

The University of London School of Oriental and African Studies has many papers relating to missionaries.

The National Library of Scotland has papers relating to David Livingstone.

For some more archive references, see the British National Archives.

Archive[edit | edit source]

National Archives of Zambia
Government Road
P. O. BOX 500 10
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
PO Box 50069
Telephone: 260 211 262-666/254-261/231-720/221-891
Website: National Archives of Zambia

Libraries[edit | edit source]

Chilenje Library
near Lusaka
Website: Chilenje Library

Choma Provincial Library
Website: Choma Provincial Library

Lubuto Library at Fountain of Hope
Website: Fountain of Hope (2007-2017)

Lubuto Library at Ngwerere School
On the grounds of Ngwerere Basic School
Corner of Katima Mulilo and Garden Roads
Garden Compound
Telephone: 260 211 267 418
Website: Lubuto Model Library

Lusaka City Council Public Library
Katondo Rd
Telephone: 260 211 227 282
Website: Lusaka City Council Public Library

Lusaka Indian Library
Delhi Rd
Website: Lusaka Indian Library

Razavi Public Library
Telephone: 260 211 227 282
Website: Razavi Public Library
Website #2: Razavi Public Library

University of Zambia Main Library
Great East Road Campus
PO Box: 32379
Telephone: 260 211 250 845
Website: University of Zambia Main Library
Website #2: University of Zambia Library

Museums[edit | edit source]

Copperbelt Museum
Buteko Ave, Ndola
Telephone: +260 97 6568144/260 212 617727/613591
Website: About The Copperbelt Museum
Website #2: Copperbelt Museum

The Copperbelt Museum was established in 1962 by a steering committee of civic and mine leaders. The goal was to establish a living museum thus a gallery of natural history with emphasis on ecology, geology, mining and local history. Definitely worth a visit, this museum starts upstairs with its cultural and ethnography galleries exhibiting artefacts used in witchcraft, personal ornaments, smoking and snuffing paraphernalia, and musical instruments such as talking drums. Downstairs it showcases the local mining industry with displays on its history, gemstones and the processing of copper.

Livingstone Museum
Mosi-oa-Tunya Rd, Livingstone
Telephone: +260 213 324429/323566
Website: David Livingstone Museum Tour
Website #2: Livingstone Museum
Website #3: Livingstone Museum
Website #4: Dr Livingstone’s Museum

The Livingstone Museum is located in the heart of the city of Livingstone. Established in 1934, the Livingstone Museum is the oldest and largest of the four national museums in the country.

For a list of museums in Zambia, go to List of museums in Zambia in Wikipedia.